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As an avid Minecraft enthusiast, the artist within me felt compelled to create a series of cartoons depicting all manner of Minecraft-related silliness. The official gallery of these toons is featured on DeviantArt.
Although my progress with these toons has slowed of late I still intend to add new ones as Minecraft continues to grow.

Click HERE to view the MineToons gallery on DeviantArt.

Trojan Troubles

Horsing around gets you nowhere.

Seeing Red

Redstone experiments can be a blast.

Space Oddity

'Houston, we have a problem.'

Hog Heaven

'The Happiest Pork On Earth'

Frosty Reception

Santa snowed under.


Anti-social media.

Withering Heights

Three's a crowd.

Spongeblock Cubepants

Every squid's worst nightmare.

Temple of Doom

A cat-astrophic discovery.

Deep Heat

When tempers flare.

Call To Arms

Sometimes hype is overrated.


Who would have thought?

Domestic Bliss

Even baddie-butchering survivalists need a day off to perform household chores.

What Lies Beneath

Minecraft explained.

Shelf Life

The day Enderman turned nasty.

Creep or Treat

When Halloween and Minecraft combine for evil purpose.

Cubic Violation

When enthusiasm for Minecraft goes that little bit too far.